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1995.06--1997.09  美国普林斯顿大学,博士后

1995.05  美国布林马尔学院获博士学位

1988.06  中国科学技术大学获硕士学位

1985.06  扬州大学获学士学位


2015.12-至今  南开大学教授、博士生导师

2006.08--2015.12  美国旧金山大学,教授

2002.08--2006.08  美国旧金山大学,副教授

1998.08--2002.08  美国旧金山大学,助理教授

1997.09--1998.06  美国普林斯顿大学,高等研究员

1995.06--1997.09  美国普林斯顿大学,博士后研究员及助理讲师

1990.09--1995.05  美国布林马尔学院,从事教学及科研助理工作


南开大学教授、博导。美国普林斯顿大学博士后。陈志刚教授曾于2004年获国家海外杰出青年基金,2006年入选教育部长江学者2009年入选美国光学学会会士(Fellow)2015年入选美国物理学会会士(Fellow)。现担任多种学术杂志(Optics LettersScience BulletinScientific ReportAdvances in Physics X) 的编委。担任多个学术会议主委(包括2016 CLEO大会技术委员会主席 Program Chair2018 CLEO大会总主席General Chair)。近期内编辑专著书一部,共发表专著书邀请章节8篇,重要学术论文200余篇,其中包括多篇顶尖水平的Science Nature 系列杂志文章和20美国《物理评论快报》文章,ISI Web of Science引用超过6500次(h-因子为46),谷歌学术引用超过12000次。陈志刚教授一直从事非线性光学/光子学、非线性动力学、以及软物质和人工功能材料方面的研究,尤其在空间光孤子、光子晶格、自加速光方面在国际上有开创性的成果。所做工作在ScienceNature PhotonicsPhysics Report, New Scientist, Science Daily等诸多媒体杂志上被宣传介绍,并有十二次被纳入美国光学和光电子学年度标志性成果。主持过20多项科研项目,包括美国国家科学基金会(NSF)、国防部科研基金(AFOSRARO)、国家卫生研究所(NIH),以及我国国家重点基础研究(973计划)项目课题。



Optical manipulation of biological samples

Over the past few decades, optical manipulation research has deepened our understanding of physics and biology and has led to the development of cutting-edge optical-tweezers technology used across many branches of science. In our lab, we are developing novel optical techniques for optical trapping and control of biological samples (such as bacteria, red blood cells, and DNA molecules). These techniques are based on novel optical beams including self-propelling beams with rotating intensity blades, optical bottles, and self-accelerating non-diffraction Airy beams.  

Manipulation of non-diffraction accelerating Airy beams

Accelerating Airy beams are of interest because they show a quadratic transverse shift while remaining almost diffraction free during linear propagation over long distances. Due to its unique properties they have potential applications in optical micromanipulation, plasma guidance, vacuum electron acceleration, and generation of three-dimensional optical bullets. we focus on the generation and manipulation of Airy beams especially on the acceleration control of airy beams by linear and nonlinear methods.

Novel phenomena in optical periodic and quasi-periodic structures

Light propagation in periodic structures exhibits many intriguing phenomena with new opportunities to control the flow of light. A typical periodic system is photonic lattices (closely-spaced waveguide arrays), which has served as a test-bench for exploring both linear and nonlinear phenomena for over a decade. We focus on the management of the diffraction and refraction of light with various reconfigurable photonic lattice structures, including square, Bessel, ionic-type lattices, as well as quasi-periodic and random photonic lattices. In nonlinear regime, we study the dynamics of different novel localized soliton states, including discrete, gap, and embedded lattice solitons.

Optical defect and surface states

One of the most fascinating features of photonic band-gap structures is that they provide a fundamentally different way of waveguiding by defects in otherwise uniformly periodic structures, as opposed to guidance by total internal reflection. We focus on the linear and nonlinear dynamics of photonic band-gap guidance of spatial frequency modes in various photonic lattices with structured defects, including PCF-like Bessel lattice, square lattice, and other lattice structures.

The field of surface science is one of the richest in physics due to the ubiquitous nature of surface phenomena. For example, electronic Tamm and Shockley surface states have intrigued scientists ever since they were first predicted, although their direct observation remained elusive for decades because of the intrinsic defects and complicated nature of real surfaces in condensed matter physics. In our lab, we study both linear and nonlinear surface states with optically-induced photonic structures, including Tamm, Shockley, and other related surface states.

Spatial optical solitons and related phenomena

Optical spatial solitons, light beams free of diverging, have been demonstrated to exhibit fascinating particle-like behavior, including fusion, fission, annihilation, stable orbiting and clustering. These solitons are promising for applications in controlling light by light and all-optical switching. We focus on novel phenomena from soliton formation, interaction, and modulation instability, especially when such solitons are made with partially incoherent light.



1. 国家重点研发计划项目,具有拓扑特性的空间光场产生、调控及与微结构相互作用,2017/08-2022/08,2877万元,在研,项目首席
2. 国家千人计划(中组部海外高层次人才引进计划),2013年,在研,主持
3. “973”计划课题,光诱导人工光学结构及光传播特性研究,2007/07-2011/08,457.21万元,已结题,主持


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2004年获国家海外杰出青年基金,2006年入选教育部长江学者”, 2013年入选国家第九批千人计划专家。2009年入选美国光学学会会士(Fellow)2015年入选美国物理学会会士(Fellow)


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